Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter 2017

We woke up bright and early on Easter so the kids could check out their baskets before getting ready for the Sunrise Service.  

We typically go light on the candy goodies and heavier on necessities. 
Therefore, sandals/flipflops and hair brushes for all.  
As well as some other small things.  

Sunrise Service, breakfast, 8:30AM Worship Service and then Sunday School.  
Allie stayed for the 11 AM service to play her flute, but the rest of us came home.

Quick pictures after church before heading to Nana and Grandpap's for lunch. 

 Easter at Nana and Grandpap's house is always great fun.
We ate a wonderful lunch, played Easter Trivia, 
had our very own egg roll....

A relay race....

Egg Hunts and a Scavenger hunt.....

After all of the fun, we loaded up in the car and headed out of town.
We stopped for dinner with friends in Waynesville.....there isn't much open for supper on Easter, but it was wonderful to get to see our friends.
Then on to Murphy, where we spent the night before heading to Georgia for Spring Break.

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