Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend 2017

What a great day and weekend it has been!  

Our friends, Kandi and Olivia came to visit this weekend.
On Friday night, we made burgers and homemade fries at home and played a great game of Monopoly. 

On Saturday morning, Allie, Maggie and I headed up to Haywood Street Church to serve with the youth from our church.  It was a great day of weeding and painting, and visiting with our friends.

Kandi, Olivia and Brady went to the skyzone to celebrate Olivia's 8th birthday.  
Everyone had a great day.

Last night,  Kandi and I picked up our friend Emily and went out for Girls Night!
We introduced Emily to the Melting Pot.  
Great fun and food was had by all.

Today, we got up and went to worship our creator.
After church, Olivia and Kandi had to head home.

That is when the Mother's Day Celebration started. lol.
Maggie had made me a scavenger hunt with 12 small gifts at 12 stops.  The clues mostly rhymed and the gifts were all handmade.  A painted heart, sugar scrub, votive holders and more.....
Allie wrote me a note that said her gift to me was to take pictures for me.  Can't wait to see what pics she got today.
Lillie colored me a beautiful picture and Brady made a heart at school and a hand tracing holding a heart.

After their sweet gifts, we decided that we would go explore the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We made a couple of different stops along the way.
At the first one, we walked to an overlook and had a little fun along the trail.

Our second stop was at Linville Falls. 
We hiked down to the top falls.

We stopped for supper on the way home.
It has really been a wonderful weekend.
I am headed to bed exhausted but with a happy and grateful heart for all that God has given me.

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Jenny said...

Those gifts are so sweet!! And Allie looks so grown up in this pictures!